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High Speed IG Line
Introduction of high speed IG line
High speed IG line with double glass working position to process some small size IG (Insulated glass) /double glass such as metro glass or home appliance glass- refrigerator glass, etc. with high efficiency. Glass conveyor is divided by 2 smaller conveyor, so more glasses can be loaded on one IG line.


  • PLC control system with touch screen interface
  • Perfect washing performance for on/off line Low-E glass
  • Air knives automatic adjustment according to the thickness of glass
  • Optimal energy saving system with numerical intermittent working style
  • Inverter driving for Low-E brush rotatory speed
  • Automatic positioning system for spacer frame(*option)
  • Automatic checking system for glass dimension and thickness ; Adjust optimal closed chamber automatically to achieve superior gas filling efficiency and minimum gas consumption
  • Automatic positioning system for glass
  • Servo and Torque driving system for accurate pressing
  • High-tech press machine apply 3 or 4 axis linkage servo system; Accurate and efficient assembly-gas filling-press function
  • Automatic and accurate assembly for triple IG processing and selective function for gas filling
  • Ensure the argon content ≥85% (GB/T11944-2012 new national standard of China)
  • Automatically accurate positioning for 3 or 4 side step IG with gas filling
  • Remote communication function (*option)

Technical Data

  • Max glass size Normal mode:2500×3000mm(2000×2500mm)
  • Max glass size High-speed mode:1200×1200mm(800×800mm)
  • Min glass size: 300 × 450mm
  • Insulating glass thickness: 10-48 mm
  • Washing glass thickness: 3-19mm
  • Washing speed: 0-10m/min
  • Low-E brush : 6 units (3 units for Low-E)
  • Conveying speed: 45 m/min Press suction: 6kg/EA
  • Filling time: 3-5seconds (900×1200mm)
  • Environment temperature: 7-50℃
  • Power:3P 380V/1P+N 220V 50Hz 38kW
  • Air source:Air quantity: 0.8m³/ min Air pressure: 0.7MPa
  • Water conductivity: ≤30μs/cm
  • Cycle time: 45-35s/㎡
Insulating Glass Type

Types of insulated glass or double glass or multi later IGU

 Double glazing
 Double glazing with gas filling
 Triple glazing
 Triple glazing with single layer gas filled
 Triple glazing with double layer gas filled
 One side step
 Two side step
 Three side step
 Four side step
Application Area

Window & Door, Curtain wall

Transportation tools

High-speed rail glass, side window

Home appliance

Refrigerator glass

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