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Introduction of low-e glass film remving machine
HANJIAMG LOW-E film removing machine can detect glass size, thickness automatically and delete LOW-E film as per set and achieves excellent shape removing with high precision and efficiency.


  • PLC control system, a high degree of automation,easy operation
  • Human-machine interface can monitor working state and fault diagnosis
  • 8 axis servo motors movement ensures precise position
  • Automatically test glass size and no need changing wheel for uneven width film removing
  • Linear slide unit enable to get excellent film removing results
  • Automatic dust collecting system;Automatic wheel trimming function
  • Processing 11 shapes according to the graphics library
  • Automatically distinguish coating side and selective film removing function
  • Remote communication function(*option)

Technical Data

  • Max glass size:2500×3000mm (2000×2500mm)
  • Min glass size:300×600mm
  • Glass thickness:5-15mm
  • Removing width:10-150mm
  • Removing speed:0-25m/min(adjustable)
  • Wheel width:10-30mm
  • Accuracy:±0.5mm
  • Power:3P 380V/1P+N 220V 50Hz 10kW
  • Air pressure:0.7MPa
  • Machine size:8120(L)×1800(W)×3500(H)mm
  •         8120(L)×1800(W)×3000(H)mm
Video of Low-e glass film removing machine
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