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Introduction of insulated glass sealing robot
HANJIANG insulated glass sealing robot applies servo system to control the ratio of A and B sealant accurately. Advanced unique double channel continuous sealant supply system help seal large IG panel and thick sealing depth faster and fully.


  • Advanced controlling system,high degree of automation, easy operation.
  • Human-machine interface can monitor working state and fault diagnosis.
  • Electronically adjustable mixing ratio, precise ratio, easily adjust
  • V-shaped conveyor system and air cushion support, gentle transport and convenient off
  • Automatically measuring sealing depth
  • Automatically adjust sealant output
  • Triple IG available
  • Automatically check IG thickness(*option)
  • Step IG unit available(*option)
  • Washing system for mixer(*option)
  • Heating system(*option)
  • Sealant type:Silicon/Polysulfide/polyurethane

Technical Data

  • Max glass size:2500×3000mm (2000×2500mm)
  • Min glass size:300×450mm
  • Sealing depth:≤20mm
  • Sealing width:6-20mm
  • Sealing speed:Straight line 0~40m/min
  • Conveying weight:300kg/m
  • Insulating glass thickness:12-48mm
  • Environmental temperature:7-50℃
  • Power:3P 380V/1P+N 220V 50Hz 23kW
  • Air source:0.7MPa
  • Machine size:10460(L)×3000(W)×3500(H)mm
  •         8030(L)×3000(W)×3000(H)mm
Video of insulating glass sealing robot
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